How can I receive the money through Panos Remit?

You have to go any authorized agent (payout locations) of Panos Remit nearby you in your city with the PIN and valid identity card. Before that you must be sure that the money is through Panos Remit. Also, you must know the receiving amount, sender, sending country.

Where I can receive the money?

You can receive the money in any our authorized agent. To know whether our agents are located in your city, please go to Payout Locations .

Which identity card do you accept?

We accept Nepali National Identity Card (Citizenship), Driving License, Passport (any national) and Identity Card issued from any Nepali governmental organizations. But this identity card should be valid.

Do you deposit money in my account?

Yes, we can deposit money in your bank account, as per the instruction of sender.

Do you do home delivery?

Yes, we do home delivery in limited locations, but the home delivery instruction should come from sender through principal company.

Do you have any promotion or discount or facility for regular clients?

Frequently, we offer promotion during the Nepali festival. We provide extra facilities to our regular clients; you can see the facilities/offers offered by Panos Remit in our website.

Can I receive/Send more than Rs. Ten Lakhs (NRP One Hundred Thousand)?

Yes, you can send/receive more Rs. Ten Lakhs, but you have to show the income source and relation between sender and receiver.

Can I become your agent?

Yes, you can be an agent of Panos Remit. You should be properly registered company with an objective of money transfer. To apply please go to Become Agent page.

We receive money from all over the world and pay our clients in almost all districts of Nepal. Our payment locations cover almost all districts of the country. Our clients can receive money immediately in these payment locations.