If one of your family members or friends is outside the country and you want to receive the money from him/her, please know the sending country where Panos Remit has service or Panos Remit has tie-up with international money transfer in that country. If your family or friend is living in the below one of listed countries, the money sent from the country can receive in Nepal at Panos Remit’s location. 

Countries from where we receive Money

Process to Receive Money


  1. Visit the nearest Panos Remit branches or its payment location along with the transaction code, sender detail, and identity card.
  2. Present Transaction code and your valid identity card. We only accept Nepali Citizenship, Passport, Nepali Driving License, Government Employee ID card (in the case of an employee of Nepal Government), Refugee Identity card (in the case for the refugee legally living in Nepal, and Identity card is issued by Nepal Government).
  3. Then, collect the money.


Panos Remit believes in offering best customer service to become best remittance company. So, we put all our effort to make the Remittance service to Nepal easier, faster and reliable.


As being best remittance company in Nepal, sending money through Panos Remit is easiest way to send money to Nepal. You will experience three uniqueness of Panos Remit, as below, while you send money.
Reliable: We provide reliable service to our clients. We call and inform our clients where and how to collect the money. We also inform our clients, after we deposit the money to the bank account of the client, in case the transaction is bank deposit.
Fast: Our service is very fast. The money will be available within ten minute, after the sender send money from aboard. We do not hold the transaction, unless the transaction is subjected by compliance issue.
Secure: By using various level of security level in client side and server side as well, we transfer fund securely.